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YES LED Lighting Warranty – YES LED Lighting
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YES Lighting, LLC
Exclusive Limited Warranty

YES Lighting, LLC shall provide an exclusive limited warranty to the original purchaser of all commercial and industrial LED lighting products for a period of five (5), seven (7), or ten (10) years, as stated on each product specification sheet.

The YES Lighting, LLC warranty period shall begin at the date of installation if products are registered within ninety (90) days from the original purchase date.

If the product purchase date is not provided by the customer, the specific date of product production shall serve as the default product warranty origination date.

All YES Lighting, LLC warranties shall be subject to being void due to factors such as, but not limited to:

  • Power surges that affect YES product performance or lead to product failure.
  • Existence of faulty or compromised breaker panels and or wiring in any form.
  • Any lamp or fixtures installed in any fixtures or locations that is not designed for its specific lighting application.
  • Any lamp or fixture installed in any area, fixture, or pole whose wiring or electrical that was previously submerged in water to any degree.
  • Acts of God such as wind, lightning, flooding, earthquake or other.
YES Lighting, LLC reserves the exclusive right to make any and all determinations as to what shall constitute or shall not constitute YES Lighting product warranties as to the above factors and or any other situations which may affect the performance or lifespan of any YES product.

Performance: All YES fixtures are UL listed and therefore built to safety compliant standards.