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ROI Estimator

Yes, you can estimate how much money and energy you can save by switching to LED technology.

Cost Data

Standard Lighting LED Lighting
Watts Per Bulb/Fixture
Number of Bulbs/Fixtures
Operating Hours Per Day
Number of Watts Per Day
Divided by 1000 (kWh)
Number of Working Days Per Month
Total kWh Per Month
Current kWh Cost
Total Burn Cost
Maintenance & Ballast Monthly (per Bulb/Fixture)
Maintenance & Ballast Monthly Total
HVAC Load Monthly Cost Factor (in %)
Estimated HVAC Costs Per Month
Total Monthly Cost to Operate
Total Annual Cost to Operate
Total Annual CO2 Emissions (Metric Tons)

Estimated Cost Savings

With LED
Total Savings % With LED
Total Savings Monthly With LED
Total Savings Annually With LED
Total Savings Over 10 Years

Emissions Reduction

With LED
Annual Emissions Reduction (%)
Annual Emissions Reduction (metric tons)
Emmisions Reduction Over 10 Years (metric tons)
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Equivalencies Over 10 Years
Metric Tons


Metric Tons
Passenger Vehicle


Greenhouse gas emissions from an average passenger vehicle driven for 0 miles


CO2 from 0 gallons of gasoline consumed


CO2 from 0 barrels of oil consumed
CO2 from 0 pounds of coal burned

Return on Investment

ROI Data
LED Bulb/Fixture Replacement Cost (per Bulb/Fixture)
Estimated Cost to Retrofit
ROI in Months

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